Such friendly people, and excellent at what they do—holistic health including the spine, exercise, nutrition, and more. Less pain and more mobility in my neck and spine, improved x-rays, and better exercise/health habits. Highly recommend!

Kevin Poston

I was having some issues with my hip and leg - Come to find out it was my lower spine that was the root cause of things. - Since coming in to YFC I've back to feeling normal again - 80-90% less pain - More mobility as well - If you're looking for an amazing experience - look no further! Thx YFC!

Tory Mayek

Dr. Karl is excellent! Very Personable and take great care insuring your overall wellness. The staff is extremely friendly and always ready to help and answer questions. Highly recommend!

Scott Lewis

YFC is a great chiropractor to go to. They have definitely helped me with my back pain. Not only that but they also put an emphasis on diet and outside toxins that have an impact on your body. YFC is a great place to go to if your trying to improve and have a healthier life.

Gordon S

I love it here. It has been a night and day difference since my wife and I started with Dr Karl. We both had aches and pains we attributed to old age, but Dr Karl showed us exactly what was causing our problems and how it degenerated over time. No more neck pain for me, and no more headaches for my wife. We won't go anywhere else!

Jacob Tucker

I am so grateful for Dr Karl and his desire to change the world. He and Jenna are amazing individuals. I was close to losing hope for ever feeling better. Not only have they given me hope, they have taught me that I am in charge of my health. Never again will I let insurance dictate my future or stand in the way of my healing. Thank you Dr. Karl !!

Cindy De Leon

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