Back Pain

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

Chiropractic care is a form of treatment that addresses musculoskeletal problems by focusing on the relationship between the body’s structure and function. Chiropractors use spinal examination, diagnostic imaging, and clinical testing to understand your problem: low back pain or headaches, scoliosis or disc herniation, whiplash, or other misalignment conditions. Once a diagnosis has been made, Chiropractors will apply gentle yet specific adjustments (on parts of your body) to encourage improved movement and function of your spine.

In essence, chiropractic care restores the balance of the nervous system using a specific set and sequence of spinal adjustments. The nervous system is constantly striving towards homeostasis or a state of balance. When there is an imbalance in your body, it causes pain and other health issues to occur.

Chiropractic care works by correcting misalignment through gentle manipulations (or ‘adjustments’) that allow for the most efficient and least painful communication between the brain, nerves, organs, and tissues of your body – ultimately leading to better health.

Why go to a chiropractor for back pain relief?

Living with back pain can be frustrating, which is why your Germantown Chiropractic

offers patient-tailored treatments for non-acute lower back pain. However, these treatments typically take time to improve your condition because they need to be applied regularly over an extended period.

Chiropractors treat people with back pain using various manual techniques and exercises designed to reduce muscle tension and improve mobility within the spine’s joints.

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There are many ways to treat back pain, but chiropractic care adjustments can correct and manage subluxation. This will help you find relief from the misaligned vertebrae that are causing your spine problem. Experts at the Yentz Family Chiropractic clinic are skilled in helping back pain patients and can administer a Germantown chiropractic treatment plan for their specific condition. They offer consultations that will analyze how you’ve been living to see what might be causing or aggravating this problem. They also provide therapy sessions where adjustments slow down any inflammation so it doesn’t become an issue.

The Bottomline

Chiropractic subluxation treatment is safe and effective for many people with abnormal misalignment of a joint with nerve irritation who cannot pursue more intense therapy options like surgery or steroid injections or medication due to age, injury history, or financial limitations, etc.

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