Chiropractic Care Corrects Spinal Misalignments


A subluxation is a partial or incomplete spinal displacement from neurological alignment. The spine tissues do not function normally in subluxation because they are out of alignment or restricted in movement. Subluxations can occur at any spine level but most commonly occur in the neck and lower back areas.

When joints move out of normal alignment, pressure on the nerve roots is created because they have less space through which they can pass as compared to when these joints are in proper alignment. This pressure on the nerve roots leads to interference in their normal function, which will eventually interfere with the organ function or health of the individual.

Signs of a subluxation

While subluxations may be asymptomatic, many subluxations produce symptoms in the body’s affected region(s). In some individuals, subluxation-related pain or dysfunction is referred to as a distant symptom. Some subluxations cause compression to nerve roots and/or spinal cord, resulting in radiculopathy or myelopathy.

The subluxation may be detected through one or more means of detection, such as palpation, orthopedic tests, x-rays, and MRI. The subluxation itself may also be diagnosed based on a positive diagnostic impression by a practitioner who has been shown, through training and certification, to have the ability to detect subluxations using manual techniques.

Treatment options for an individual with a subluxation

Chiropractic subluxation treatment options vary on a case-to-case basis. Some subluxations can be treated with physical therapy or a combination of subluxation treatments, while others require the direct work of a chiropractor to restore proper joint biomechanics and function. A subluxation may need adjustments on an ongoing basis or may be treated in a single adjustment. In other cases, there may be an ongoing process of soft tissue subluxation release requiring regular chiropractic adjustments for the body to maintain subluxation correction.

Subluxations are often not evident to the naked eye, and therefore subluxation screening is usually necessary. Germantown chiropractors and subluxation specialists can use subluxation identifying techniques such as subluxation x-rays, subluxation myelograms (a form of dye subluxation screen), or subluxation thermography.

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There are many ways to treat back pain, but chiropractic care adjustments can correct and manage subluxation. This will help you find relief from the misaligned vertebrae that are causing your spine problem. Experts at the Dr. Karl Yentz Family Chiropractic clinic are skilled in helping back pain patients and can administer a Germantown chiropractic treatment plan for their specific condition. They offer consultations that will analyze how you’ve been living to see what might be causing or aggravating this problem. They also provide therapy sessions where adjustments slow down any inflammation so it doesn’t become an issue.

The Bottomline

Chiropractic subluxation treatment is safe and effective for many people with abnormal misalignment of a joint with nerve irritation who cannot pursue more intense therapy options like surgery or steroid injections or medication due to age, injury history, or financial limitations, etc.

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