What to Do in Germantown, Wisconsin in 24 Hours

Germantown is a beautiful place to visit for anyone looking for some fun on the weekend or an off-day. With many options of things to do, Germantown offers something for everyone.

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1. Enjoy breakfast at the Country Griddle. This family restaurant has food that will wake you up and is a great way to start the day.

2. After breakfast, head to Fun on the Farm. A fantastic farm where kids can do many things such as milking cows, collecting eggs from chickens, and going through a corn maze. It’s a great place to take children.

3. After Fun on the Farm, head over to the Museum of Wisconsin Art. The museum has many incredible paintings that are sure to please everyone.

4. Next stop for lunch, Suburban Family Restaurant. This restaurant has a wide variety of food and is a great place to order an adult meal.

5. After lunch, take a stroll around downtown apartment buildings. Germantown has a beautiful downtown area with wonderful apartment buildings overlooking the grassy scenic regions.

6. After strolling, head to the Germantown Historical Museum. The museum offers many interesting facts about Germantown’s history.

7. Head over to the National Mustard Museum. This museum is sure to please everyone and is a beautiful place for adults and children alike.

8. After the National Mustard Museum, head over to Riverwalk Park. The park has excellent grassy areas and is a beautiful place to lay in the sun.

9. Head next door to Walkers on Main for Dinner. This restaurant offers an array of good food choices.

10. After dinner, head over to Main Street Cinema. Main street cinema is a great movie theater that plays popular movies. It’s a beautiful way to end the day.

11. If you have time, head over to Main Street Ristorante. Main street Ristorante is a beautiful Italian restaurant that offers excellent food choices.

12. Finish the day by walking around downtown Germantown. Germantown has many great things to look at, including different restaurants, bars, and other various stores.


Whether you’re looking for a day of relaxation or an adventure, Germantown has it all. I hope this list gives you some inspiration and helps to make your vacation planning easier. Have fun in the small city with big things to do.


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