Self Care At Home: Stabilize Your Spine With These Low Back Exercises

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June 13, 2024
  • DR Karl Yentz
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Helpful And Effective Exercises To Improve The Spine

Purposeful and deep belly breathing may not sound like an exercise, just like any other physical fitness you ever tried on. But it is used for building a stronger core that can support your spine the proper way. While doing the deep belly breathing, the diaphragm is expanded with the help you’ll get from the abdominal muscles. So, the deeper and longer your breath, the harder and stronger your abdominal muscles will be strengthening and working. 

In this routine, you need to lay flat on your back, then put one hand on the chest and the other hand on the belly. Ensure that when you start to breathe in, your chest will not rise completely. The goal is to breathe in into your belly for a 12-second inhale. Start with a small breath to a larger one, then repeat the process five times.

The Pelvic Tilt

While you are laying on your back, bend two knees and put your feet on the ground comfortably. Ensure that your low back stays on the ground or floor, then tilt the pelvis in and up. In doing this, you feel that your lower back and your muscles are being contracted to each other. Hold again, for one belly breath; then you can relax. 

The next process is to flatten your back area, push it down towards the ground to close the remaining space between the floor and the spine. You will feel that your abdominal muscles tighten up. Hold your breath for about five seconds, and then relax. Repeat this routine 20 times in the morning and another 20 times in the evening. 

The Slide Plank

Stretching and Aerobic Conditioning

In addition to the stabilization exercises to strengthen your spine as explained above, aerobic conditioning and stretching are also an essential part of lumbar stabilization therapy.

  • Flexibility. It is the key to successful lumbar strengthening training because it lets the muscles assume quickly in a neutral position.

  • Cardiovascular Aerobic Conditioning. It is another vital part of the overall body muscle endurance and strength combined with lumbar spine stabilization training. Sustaining a neutral spine while performing aerobics is for the more advanced patients and safeguards their healing while doing the workout.

These stabilization exercise routines can be rigorous and may not be tolerated for most patients. Also, it is advisable for aging or elderly patients to use another less strenuous way of physical therapy.

Benefits of Having a Strong Back

The lower back muscles’ intrinsic and depth nature means that getting the strength this area needs will show how functioning it is. They are not a superficial one that makes you look good only, but they can help improve your health in general.

Lower back pain these days is a common condition for several reasons, including poor posture, incorrect form when playing sport or exercising, and sedentary jobs. Having strong lower back muscles help prevent injury and counteract adverse effects. You will also increase your performance in any activities you’ll do. 


Doing this exercise regularly will help you build stronger and more stabilized muscles. It will lessen your back injuries and help you to find further relief from lower back pain. It’s about time to control your overall self-care by performing routines that strengthen your body. 



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