Understanding Different Chiropractic Techniques for Sports Injury Treatment

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January 9, 2024
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Are you fond of sports? Do you engage in sports to keep your body fit? Or are you part of a team for competitive sports like American football, gymnastics, or cheerleading? If you are into sports, whether you are a professional athlete or not, sports injury could happen, and a visit to a sports injury chiropractic clinic is necessary.  

All sports pose a risk of muscle straining and injuries. May it be a simple muscle strain in your calf and back, or a severe injury from accidental falling. Contact sports like wrestling, martial arts, and others can also cause over-exertion in your muscle. A wrong move and position can overstretch your muscle. With this, a visit to a chiropractor can help you recover faster and get you back in the game sooner. But you may ask, “What are the common sports injuries, and how can a chiropractic expert help you ease the pain and prevent future injuries?” 

Chiropractor applying specialized techniques for sports injury rehabilitation.

Different sports-related injuries and how to avoid them

  1. Sprains and strains can occur when you exerted too much pressure on your muscles. Stretching far out can cause small tears in the ligaments and muscle tissues, which may cause the joints to strain. Mostly, sprains occur in the wrists or ankles, which are the usual injuries of gymnasts. The twirls, landings, backflips, and other aerial stunts can considerably pressure the wrists and ankles that it can lead to swelling and bruising. A bad landing can direct damages to the ankle.  Strains, on the other hand, can occur when there is a tearing the muscle or tendon. Pulling your muscle too far can cause pressure in your back or your hamstrings.  Painful and jolting swelling or muscle spasms can make you unable to move a muscle.    
  1. Knee injuries are a frequent injury for several athletes, especially those engaging in competitive sports. Those in competitive sports like football and even individual sports like running often suffer from knee injuries. Knee injuries often lead to tenderness in the knee caps or pain on the side of the tendinitis and knees. A knee injury can be rally painful since it can be severely injured. Bruising happens to the bone, or damage to the ligaments and cartilage can cause you debilitating pain. Injuries in your knee can occur when you lack warm-ups or exercise before engaging in any significant sports activity. It may also happen if you run too often and too hard, bruising your knee caps and injuring your knees.  
  1. Swollen muscles is another usual sports injury, which happens when the fascia in your muscle does not expand; thus, putting pressure on your blood vessels and nerves. This injury is also called a compartment syndrome, which may happen after damage to the muscle. Athletes in contact sports like boxing or martial arts often experience swollen muscles.  
  1. Shin splints are an injury in the shin bone or tibia, located on the front of your lower leg. This sports injury is often experienced by runners, which happen after lacking proper warm-up or exercise before a competition, or even before training. Too much movement, training on hard surfaces, and not wearing appropriate protective shoes can cause shin splints. Those who are flat-footed are also likely to experience this injury. 
  1. Injuries in the Achilles tendon occur in the calf muscle to the heel. Tearing and too much stretching of the tendon during sports activities can cause this sports injury. It happens when an athlete overuses the tendon and fails to warm-up and stretch before training or competition. 
  1. Fractures also happen when the bone breaks from repeated stress in the bone or a one-time injury. But you may ask, “What is a one-time injury?” It is an acute fracture from sports-related accidents or otherwise, that requires immediate emergency treatment. The bone fracture stress that can cause bone fracture happens in sports activities that require repetitive impacts like football, wrestling, and others. The pain from the fracture can worsen if it will not be given proper and immediate treatment.
  1. Dislocations happen during high-impact or contact sports. It happened when the bones in your joints were misaligned or dislocated, causing extreme athlete pain. The nerves in the joints may also become damaged because of the dislocation. To ease the pain and treat dislocation, a visit to a sports injury chiropractic is needed the soonest. A cast may even be required for a few weeks to ensure that the bones in the joints are in place. 
Illustration of athletes experiencing different sports injuries with preventive tips.

Now that you know the different sports injuries, what can you do to help prevent it? If you are engaging in contact sports and other competitive sports, you should do the things you should do. 

  • Have a proper warm-up exercise and stretching before your training or competition. Giving your muscles enough time to warm up will help prevent sports-related injuries. 
  • Don’t overexert yourself. Training more than the ability of your body will cause your injuries and muscle strains. Training frequently is better than exercise for longer hours. 
  • Train under the supervision of a certified coach. Training by yourself, especially if you are trying a new routine, may cause accidents and injuries. 
  • Give yourself frequent pampering and regular visits to a sports injury chiropractic. Most pains and injuries can be remedied by proper rest, but you can ease your pain faster after getting a good massage, and therapy. A visit to your chiropractor at Yentz will also help you treat your injuries more quickly, which makes making you get back to the game that you love most. 

So, if you are experiencing severe pain after a competition or training, seek medical help and treatment fast. Visit your chiropractor at Yentz for a proper chiropractic consultation and advice. If you are experiencing swelling and numbness that affect your mobility, take a good rest, and chiropractic care. You can also try the RICE method at home, which means proper rest, ice, compression, and elevation of the injured muscle.

A seasoned, trained, and licensed chiropractor can treat sports-related injuries safely and effectively. They can do sports massages to alleviate the swelling and pain, and they can also help you optimize your performance as chiropractic treatments are known to warm up muscles, and stimulate healthy blood flow. A regular visit to a chiropractor in Yentz can help reduce the risk of sports injuries and make recoveries faster. 

What are the chiropractic techniques? 

Illustration of various chiropractic techniques being performed in a clinic.

How does a chiropractor do it? There are several chiropractic techniques for a sports injury chiropractic . Some chiropractic doctors only use their hands to perform manipulation of the joints and crack your back. But some use various instruments to add the application of pressure. More so, the light or firm touch manipulation of a chiropractor also depends on injuries.  

Some of the standard techniques are the following: 

  1. Spinal manipulation is used to perform a quick low-amplitude and high-velocity manipulation or adjustment of the spine. Using enough force, the manipulation aims to release the joints from its restricted motion to reduce pain and improve mobility. 
  2. Neck manipulation is also used to ease the tension and pain from a stiff neck and sore neck muscles.  

Apart from the usual manipulation techniques, a good chiropractor offers to counsel for a holistic treatment. Not only that, the chiropractor in Yentz performs chiropractic services to ease sports-related injuries, but he should be able to offer counseling for a healthy nervous system and a positive mindset. Chiropractors in Yentz also provide nutrition and healthy lifestyle counseling, teach you proper exercise to help you avoid injuries, and detoxify services. Chiropractic treatment is not only to crack your backs and bring back the health of your bones and muscles, but it also teaches you wellness. 

Individuals practicing preventive measures for health and wellness.

Yentz chiropractic is not only for the athletes and sports-minded people, but it is for the whole family. So, if your goal is to overcome or treat a degenerative illness, lose weight, improve energy, or maximize your health potential for a long enjoyable life, chiropractic treatment is for you. So, athlete or not, young and old, everyone can avail of chiropractic services for a better and healthier you.

At Yentz, you can choose from its list of chiropractic services like spinal correction, at-home spinal care exercises, counseling on health and nutrition, talks and workshops on health, exercise programs scientifically-designed, and health and well-being resources. A visit to your chiropractor at Yentz will help you ease your lower back pain, muscle strain, knee injuries, swollen muscles, and other sports injuries, or damages from performing your daily activities. Whether you are an athlete or not, a chiropractor’s visit is best for holistic health, especially that the treatment is non-invasive, unlike surgery. So better setting an appointment for surgery or before you pop that pill, visit Yentz first to access holistic health.



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