How Much Does Pain Relief Really Cost?

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December 1, 2022
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People suffer every day because of acute pain. It could be in the form of back pain, pressure, stress, and overwork. Some also suffer from extended chronic pain that leads to missing work and poor quality of life. More than 80% of working adults experience low back pain, making it the most common complaint about the body’s overall well-being. 

Knowing the real pain is a long process. You need to undergo a trial and error process to know what suits your needs and suffer from high healthcare costs. Let’s explore the things that you need to know about the actual cost behind pain relief. 

What is the Economic Cost of Pain?

Pain relief comes in different forms. In most cases, you try to associate it with physical pain and look for alternative medicine to minimize the pain. Some also suffer mentally and emotionally. There are lots of factors to consider. Remember, knowing the following cost will also help you budget your time and look for alternative processes to help you with your pain.

There was research conducted by the Institute of Medicine where they analyzed the possible economic cost of pain that individuals experience. The report revolves around the pain that people in America suffer, the possible treatment, prevention, and education. They analyzed and explained the costs of medical care and its indirect cost. The indirect cost is the loss of wages, fewer hours of work, and the disability day. They also suffer from productivity loss that could cost billions of dollars. You must not neglect it, for it creates a significant impact on the entire workforce and healthcare industry.

What is the Individual Cost of Pain Relief

Pain represents costs and expenses to every individual. It triggers expenses and even destroys the budget and potential allocation of money to other necessities. One must be wary of something because it could even result in individual bankruptcy regardless of their insurance benefits and health care choices. 

Let’s take into account the following processes that individuals use to handle the pain they are experiencing.

  • Pain Reliever. One of the common ways to treat it is taking opioids or a pain reliever if you are suffering from pain. A recent study was conducted about the cost of medicinal prescriptions for pain management. And it ranges around $20 billion annually. It means that most people suffering from pain result from medication, and the average cost of the pills in the study ranges between $2 to $10. To manage the pain well, people need to take a minimum dose a day, and its average cost ranges from $600 to $3,000 per year. The sad part about it is the above-mentioned cost is only limited to the prescription, the regular doctor visits, and the potential cost of addiction or vulnerability to drugs is not included. You are suffering physically, mentally, and financially.
  • Surgery. If the medication does not work, people undergo surgery to relax and remove uneasiness in them. Books and resources about chronic pain management state that the average estimated cost of surgery is $30,000. It does not yet cover the potential prescriptions to lessen your surgery’s pain and minimize the potential risks. Surgery directly affects your overall financial stability, whether you have an insurance policy or not. It is a burden, and there are cases that families tend to use their funds for the future just to secure and schedule an immediate surgery. The downside of surgery is that it does not entirely provide total healing. If your body is not prepared, there is a huge possibility that you will suffer from risks.

What is the Cost-Effective Way to Treat Pain

People are trying to understand and look for alternative solutions to treat acute and chronic pain. They are now shifting to non-pharmacological, non-invasive treatments. It is an excellent start to securing effective and safe treatment procedures. Treatments include acupuncture, chiropractic care, and physical therapy. These are cost-effective, and you do not need to worry much about the potential risks you might encounter during and after the treatment.

Depending on your situation, the average session that you need to take is 6-10 times. And each session only cost $50. And if you have insurance, you can save more and ensure that you are properly treated. Chiropractic care professionals are trained, and they can quickly know the root of your pain with their careful assessment. After the session, they will also advise some efficient and practical exercises to minimize the possibility of suffering from pain. Remember, chiropractic care does not only focus on the pain that you are currently suffering. It aims to improve your overall health to minimize expenses in the future. Part of the chiropractic treatment is assessing your body, exercises, and a proper balanced diet appropriate to your health, unlike other treatments that will just focus on treating the pain that you are suffering. 

Chiropractic care treatment can help you save money, maximizes your time, and minimize the possibility of addiction. If you are suffering from pain, look for a chiropractic care clinic near you. It is an effective, cost-effective solution to treat your annoying pain. 



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