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December 1, 2022
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The pain you are suffering right now started with an action that triggers your body’s overall balance. It is a cycle that repeats every time you neglect your body condition. Examples are letting yourself engage with too much stress, improper balanced diet, and even overwork. 

People sometimes try to chase things like money to provide a quality life to their families. In exchange for the wealth they are experiencing, they sacrifice their health and overall wellbeing. If you take the initiative to change your course of action and improve your health, you have a fantastic option. There are therapeutic exercises that you can do to reduce the pain and minimize the possibility of having a disease or illness. 

What is Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises are physical activities or movements that people do to restore the flexibility and overall function of the body. It aims to improve your strength and minimize the potential pain that you will encounter in the future. If you have a chronic condition or an injury and receiving physical treatment, therapeutic exercises might be incorporated in your treatment procedures. 

Before you proceed to your exercises, your physical therapist will first assess your body condition. They will look through the areas that you need to improve and pay close attention to. They will perform functional tests, ask about your current situation, and develop a program that improves your overall function and healing. 

What is the primary objective of therapeutic exercises

The therapeutic exercises aim to improve your overall wellness by reducing the pain and inflammation in your body. The exercise treatment program also helps you regain your range of motion and build your strength and endurance. The programs that will include in your therapeutic exercises are the following:

Strengthening Exercises. These exercises are equipped with heavy resistance training that improves your muscle’s strength. It has fewer repetitions and focuses on your body’s total improvement.

Endurance Exercises. These exercises focus on developing your large muscles. You will undergo repetitive training that helps you improve your endurance and ability to maximize your muscle strength. 

Flexibility Exercises. These exercises allow your body to be flexible and improve your range of motion. You will undergo stretching and focused movement during the workouts. 

Balance and Coordination Training. These exercises focus on improving your balance and body coordination. It helps you improve your center of gravity. 

What are the Examples of Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic exercises come with correct posture and manner of executing the movements. Having the proper movements and posture will help you minimize the potential injuries and complications. Your exercises also depend on your healing needs and physical limitations. Below are the exercises that you might encounter for your healing procedures. 

Range motion Exercises. These are activities that aim to improve the movement of your specific joints. There are three types of range of motion exercises: passive, active-assisted, and active exercises. Passive activities facilitate and improve your range of motion. It focuses on describing and knowing how much capacity your body can take. Range of motion activities aims to correct and restore your movements. 

Progressive Resistive Exercise. These are activities that allow you to increase your muscle strength. During the process, you will undergo resistance activities to exercise your muscles and continuously improve your muscle’s endurance. You can use free weights, machines, and elastic bands in doing these exercises. Some common examples of progressive resistive exercise are push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, squats, step-ups, and lunges. These exercises help you to build your muscle, be strong, and even lose weight.

Balance Training. These may include a combination of activities that improve your overall sense of balance and minimize the possibility of falls. It helps you strengthen your lower body and maximize your stability. These exercises include aerobic activities that allow your body and muscles to recover and build proper posture.

Strength Training. These exercises help you improve your core muscles and develop them to avoid injuries. It also enhances your body movements and makes sure that you are at your best in whatever you are doing. Some primary activities under strength training are pushing, pulling, squat, and plank. With continuous exercise, you can improve your overall body muscle mass.

Aerobic Conditioning. It is training that allows you to improve your lungs and heart. It also assists your heart in pumping blood efficiently to stabilize your body. It involves repetitive, continuous movements that strengthen your heart. It includes simple running, walking, swimming, cycling, and a lot more. 

What are the things to consider in Therapeutic Exercise

If you are in pain because of an accident, therapeutic exercises might help you. It is a process where your physical therapist assists you with the activities and gives you techniques to execute your movements correctly. There are different considerations that you must deal with during the sessions. However, it all depends on what kind of healing your body needs. 

The type of exercise that you will go through depends on your situation. How grave is your injury? What are the points that cause extreme pain? Are you having difficulty doing your usual chores? With this in mind, you can have an assessment of your physical attributes. For example, to minimize or relieve the pain, you can start with the range of motion activities, then follow through the resistive exercises once you improve your functional abilities.



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